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Send your invitation in style with a beautiful wax seal stamped with one of our high quality wax seal stamps.  Pair it with one of our wax seal stamp handles for a unique statement.  We also offer a large variety of wax colors to make your envelope stand out.

Includes one wax seal stamp.  Wax & stamp handles must be purchased separately.  The stamp head fits any of our stamp handles.

Creating a wax seal is as easy as selecting your stamp design and placing it on the wax handle.  

Our wax seal sticks are simple to use with a standard hot glue gun.  

Melt a nickel sized amount of wax onto your surface and place the handle with the stamp attached onto your wax for 10-15 seconds.  Once the wax has cooled, lift the stamp head and admire your lovely creation.  

Your guests will love getting an invitation with a personalized touch.

Check mailing rates with your local post office as envelopes with wax seals may require additional postage.


- High quality materials

- Heavy weight

- Beautifully crafted

- Pair with one of our stamp handles & wax colors


Ribbon & Rings is a bridal boutique where you will find all the little things to make a big impact on your wedding day.  We lovingly design & deliver from Colorado, USA and are happy to answer any questions about your order.  We are dedicated to bringing beauty & detail to your big day.  Let’s make your day amazing!

Wax Seal Stamp Mountain Designs

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