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Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, these elegant scissors will make an excellent addition to your wedding day details.  Our vintage designed scissors are not only great tools that will be helpful to have on hand for your wedding day, but they are also stylish accents that look beautiful alongside your ring and other wedding accessories.  You will be so happy to have them there to trim tags or loose strings, and they are an excellent addition to your wedding day bag.


All of our scissors are in stock and ready to go for your event.  We ship quickly from Colorado, USA.


- European style classical scissors

- Unique style

- Beautifully crafted

- Comfortable alloy handle

- Stainless steel blades for sharpness & durability


- Length | 5.5 inches

- Width | 5.3 inches


Ribbon & Rings is a bridal boutique where you will find all the little things to make a big impact on your wedding day.  We lovingly design & deliver from Colorado, USA and are happy to answer any questions about your order.  We are dedicated to bringing beauty & detail to your big day.  Let’s make your day amazing!

Paris Vintage Embroidery Scissors

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