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A perfectly styled photo makes the difference between simply capturing something, or making it an inspiring work of art.  Your photography clients or online store will benefit from incorporating simple styling mats to provide a clean backdrop for your imagery.  Styling a gorgeous photo is made simple with our fabric mats that unroll easily and lay flat for your photo design.  Our double sided design also allows you to select different fabrics to give you two styling surfaces in one mat.


We have curated a collection of fabrics, colors and textures that will make your photos stand out on your website or feed.  Whether you need a soft, neutral backdrop or a textured, clean surface, our styling mats are an easy solution for photo and flat lay styling on the go.  You will love the organic, soft feel of our fabrics versus a rigid styling surface.  Elevate your images & create a client experience that will take your business to the next level with a Ribbon & Rings styling mat.


Designed for wedding photographers, online shop owners and small businesses, food and product photographers, influencers, or anyone who needs a beautiful background for photos.  


Each of our styling mats are handmade to order in the USA, and we ship quickly from Colorado.


- Choice of front & back fabric

- Rolls for storage

- Lays flat when unrolled

- Treated to resist stains

- Spot clean and air dry


- Length | 25 inches

- Width | 19 inches


Ribbon & Rings is a bridal boutique where you will find all the little things to make a big impact on your wedding day.  We lovingly design & deliver from Colorado, USA and are happy to answer any questions about your order.  We are dedicated to bringing beauty & detail to your big day.  Let’s make your day amazing!

Parchment Styling Mat

Front Side Fabric
Back Side Fabric
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